Controll®Topseal seals all porous cements and mineral surfaces, indoor and outdoor. Under it all type of concrete, plaster, brick, clay, brickwork as well as different stones ( f. ex. sandstone, terracotta, brick, etc.) Typical application areas are walls, floors and ceiling, chimneys, roofing tiles, terraces, flat roofs and pools of concrete. Controll®Topseal form a stand offish for water and dust on surfaces that prevent mould, fungus and alga’s attack, very easy to clean. Surfaces treated with Controll®Topseal are protected towards salt blooming, air pollution ad UV rays.

Example of the action from Controll®Topseal


Colourless, odourless, free of dissolvent, no inflammable and not toxic.
Water soluble kaliummethylsilantrolat with organic catalyser, without film deposition, high capillary action, no combustible.
Impregnate mineral building materials till 60 mm depth ( by one, maximal two applications, wet on wet) and waterproof the surface.

1 x 1 mm concrete, Porous crystallization depth penetration from Particle size +/- 0.7
pores & capillary system from Controll®Topseal Controll®Topseal Nanometer(20% bet-
as shinning points & lines under microscope (red pigmented) ween 0.1 – 0.4 nm)


Pure nature product at a base from water soluble kaliummethylsilantrolat with organic catalyser, solution ready to use:
increase the chemical resistance from building material without film deposition.
Don’t change the surface feature ( rough depth, slide inhibition, etc.), a colour change may be possible.
Aromatic and dissolvent free( tested by VOC DIN 16.000)
Sd – Value < 0.01 (depending building material and thickness * 10 (-12)
Active depth corrosion protection for iron in concrete, EN – 1504-9, 2005 (MC)
Protective coat for moos, fungus and alga’s and mould attack trough a permanent reduction from the surface moisture
Don’t include allergic, biocide or fungicide components.

concrete, brick, pumice stone, rough and fine porous sandstone, mineral plaster will be waterproof.
Environment friendly, biologic disintegration and not dangerous effects for people, animals, plants and trees.
Suitable for waterproofing from potable water deposits and concrete walls in contact with potable water.

Controll®Topseal is ready to use and don’t have to be mixed with other liquids. Decant only in new containers ( or used water containers.


Before use turn the container and shake it very good. The best way to apply Controll®Topseal with a regular dispersion is using a normal sprayer. For small areas can be use a roller, a brush or a sponge. To avoid the formation of puddle, the working surface has to be treated proportionality. Controll®Topseal cannot dilute and have to be decanting only into new containers. Normally one applied cote is enough. At very absorbed surfaces is recommended other cote – wet on wet -.

Attention: Controll®Topseal is waterproof. Don’t apply on surfaces that have to be treated with other materials. Painting the treated surface with Controll®Topseal is not possible.

Application example from Controll®Topseal.


The underground must be absorbent, clean, dry and free of chemical paint, varnish or other coating. Damaged joints or bigger leaks must be repair before. New concrete, plaster, mortar or reparation areas must be completely solid before there can be treated with Controll®Topseal. In suspicion with moisture or salt problems is recommended a previous treatment with Controll®Innerseal ( Dry period at least 14 days). Controll® Topseal can occasion colour deepening, so it is recommendable, before apply, to test it at an inconspicuous place.


All the tools as sprayer, brush, squidgy (floor), tuft; roller or sponge has to been cleaned immediately with water after use.


Temperature to work up: 5º C – 40 ºC. Directly sun beam and a treatment on hot surface are not recommendable. The temperature must be over 5º C in the next 24 hs after application from Controll®Topseal.


Approximate: 0,2 – 0,25 litter/ m2 ( = 4 – 5 m2 each litter) by double coating. Information can be change according the absorption or porosity from the underground.

09. - SUPPLY

Plastic barrel ( one way container)
2,5 litter/ 20 litter/ 1000 litter


Store in original barrel closed and not deluded. Controll®Topseal don’t have really a durability limit, but must be shaking very well before use. Frost free storage is recommended. If Controll®Topseal frosted , warm up slowly at room temperature and shake it well.


During the processing use wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eyes protectors. Controll®Topseal is a light alkaline contrite ( pH value 9 – 11). Surfaces close by the application as glass, aluminium, tiles, etc. must be covered. In case to contact with Controll®Topseal, rinse the skin or eyes immediately with much water.


Information about safety, transportation, storage and handling with Controll®Topseal, also ecological and disposal indication can be funded at the update EU material safety data sheet:

CE EN 1504 – 2
Product for surface protection
Depth concrete impregnation


The information on this technical leaflet are based on input from the producer and the present know how. The statement are not an affirmation from the product properties and are not a basis for a legal contract.

The correct and successfully application our products don’t defatted in our responsibility. A guaranty can be extended only for the quality our products on the base our general business conditions.

Please observe the indications in this technical leaflet and in the safety data sheet.
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